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I emailed the dealer the other day and they couldnít really give me an answer because they needed to see the bow. They did tell me what to look out for if the Cam/shims was indeed put together wrong by factory. Everything seemed ok. Still freaking out and wanting to shoot the bow, I called and spoke to a tech at Martin yesterday who told me that the thicker shim is suppose to be on the right side of the cam (if looking at it from rear on a RH bow).

Thanks, bengal42, 08BENGAL and hunter. I just got my arrows in yesterday and after reading your post today, I nocked some arrow was able to land them on the X out to 20. This was after I only did the basic eyeball set up. I will tune the Cheetah this weekend.

Second Martin bow Iíve purchased and I canít believe how comfortable, quit, and accurate they are.
I have the same problem with my cheetah. The string is not seating correctly on the modual until you reach full draw then it pops in. I broke a modual last season. The large spacer is on the right so i guess it's correct. What can I do? I already have bad string wear and I think it's only a matter of time before I break another modual or a string. Would it be completly crazy to switch the spacers and see how it works?