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Thread: Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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    Default Happy New Year everyone!!!!

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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    Happy New Year to you as well Bill. Hope everyone has a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
    2008 Moab 70# The deer killing bow
    2008/12 Firecat 60#--- 2010 Warthog 70#
    2009 Warthog 70#---2009-10-12? Warthog Frankenbow with Nitrous B
    2010 Strother SR-71 65# & 2012 Strother Rush 65#
    2012 Strother SX Rush 60# & 2011 Strother Infinity 70#
    BSD strings and cables

    Yeah, I know I'm grumpy and opinionated.

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    Happy New year to everyone!

    I hope that 2014 brings you all happiness, health and prosperity!


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    Happy New Year

    Cheers to the New Martin Archery, 2014 will be their break out year for sure

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    Sonny Thomas


    Happy New Year!

    Lord! Never gave it a thought. Went to bed about 11:00 pm or so... Don't know what time it was, but I could hear something. Got up, staggered around, couldn't see anything thumping or banging. Opened the back door and here's this gun fire sound from way off and then a kaboom, sounding just west of us. Just went on and on. So found the phone and dialed 911. Oh yes me did. Told the dispatcher and she asked if it was fireworks and more gunfire and hefty boom. Told her I could see anything up in the sky. Said she'd have a Officer swing through the next road over and towards Cuba.
    So I get up this morning and here's all these programs going, wife surfing the TV channels, New Years stuff all over. And it dawns on me. People Celebrating the New Year....

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    Happy New Year everyone!!

    2011 Martin Firecat 400/NAP Apache Dropaway/Truglo Xtreme Sight/Custom 8" Stabilizer/Victory V6 Arrows
    2007 Martin Jaguar /Trophy Taker Dropaway/Extreme Sight/Custom 21" Stabilizer/Victory V6 Arrows
    Bow String Depot, Custom String Builders email us @

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    Happy Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!
    I hope everyones new year is the best ever.
    I am sponsered by Louie Rangle-- Gator Feathers by Gator Deer Crossing Target shafts. Specialty Archery Timberdoodle ll rest. Bow String Depot Cables and String.
    I Shoot a 2012-SepterV and a 2011-Shadowcat
    I shoot Bowhunter, not barebow--fingers non-sights.
    Enter-ZESTY at checkout at Deer Crossing Archery-
    For a 10% discount on all products, other than ECO Hunter shafts.

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    Happy New Year!!!!
    2013 Martin Onza XT
    NAP Apache Rest
    Trophy Ridge 3pin Cypher Sight
    NAP Apache Stabilizer
    Kwikee Kwik 3 Kwiver
    Truball stinger release
    CX Heart Attack 350
    100g Rocket Hammerheads

    Bow String Depot

    60% of the time it works every time!

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