I switched from the CCS system to a 3/8" rod and teflon slide. The rod I used has a 1/2" offset which allows me to set the vane to cable clearance to a minimum.
The original string length is 54 5/8" and the cables are 36 1/8"-this info is on the limb label.
I had a new string set made and had the cables made 1/2" shorter ( Martin's recommendation, I think) The reduced cable deflection has the effect of lengthening the cables, creating the need for shorter cables. However, the 1/2" shorter cables seem to be too short- my ATA is now 31 1/4".
I was wondering what cable lengths are specified by Martin / Rytera for this setup? What string and cable lengths are posted on the limb label for 2010 Alien X's equipped with rod and slide?
I just bought a second (actually third Alien X- I gave one to my son) Alien X and I'm in the process of converting it to the rod and slide setup, and I'm going to order a set of custom strings and cables, and I need to clarify the the lengths before I do.
Thanks in advance for your input.