Thats right there will be another martin joining the family Martin Diablo takedown. its #45.
Traded off a Oneida tomcatIII , my nephew got out of a storage locker and gave it to my son

Son is now almost 16 and has found he realy likes traditional archery. He is shooting a #20 now and its nothing to him. We were looking for a 30-35# to stepup to and was offerd the Diablo. I just had to get it

So now were are still in the market for a lighter bow, to use as a step between were he is and the new Martin. good thing its a take down and a lighter set of limbs can picked up.
Any one know if other makers limbs can be used on the Diablo riser? Going to be a while untill we can pick up a martin set.
unless we find a set of used ones ... but thus far a search has turned up nada.