Hey Y'all, I killed my first bow deer this past Halloween morning after having owned my Cougar II for about 30 years. I originally purchased the bow in about 1982 or 83 on sale for I think $105.00 dollars. I hunted with it a lot for about 7 or 8 years, but never got one. Back then I hunted primarily on public lands, and the only portable tree stand was the Baker, which I only used one time. Damn near killed me. Hunted off the ground back then, which was much more prevalent. Then I moved to NC and I did not hunt for a number of years until about 4 years ago. I dug out the old Martin, which by the way was a very pretty bow when I got it. Black riser and limbs. I had immediately painted it with cans of camo. It look gnarly. I think it was the fastest bow one could buy back then! I still have a Xerox of the review from one of the magazines back then.

Anyway I took it to the local shop here in Charlotte, and people crowded around it like it was a Model T or something. Put a new string on it, adjusted the sights and ready to go. Refletched the 2216 arrows which had dry-rotted. I then promptly went hunting and was walking with an old Warren and Sweat ladder stand on my back, and my bow in one hand, and a bucket of corn in the other. I tripped over my feet, went down and tore my rotator cuff! No more bow hunting, back on the shelf.

This year, I got my 12 year old grandson a youth bow. The Mission Craze, and all summer we practised. He did not hunt much, his mother required him to do his homework first which is hard for him. I need to have a talk with my daughter about that!

I even tried to clean the old paint off of the bow with Goof off on day this summer. I have one limb kinda cleaned off. That's it. So now it really looks gnarly. I like it. I think I will leave it just like that. I did do a couple updates. Took off the old flipper II arrow rest and installed a whisker biscuit. Took off the Martin sight and put on a Fuse with the fiber optic pins. I also put down the old orange Hotshot, and picked up a Tru-ball release.

Anyway, I was in the old treestand, the little 10 foot Warren and Sweat, with my old bow,pulling about 63 lbs. with the old Easton XX75, with 30 year old Wasp Camlock broadheads, and it was just dawn and a spike walked right by my stand smelling the Tink's I had put out. I barely had enough time to shoot, got him in the rear hind quarter because that is all I had time for, he was almost by me. The old bow did it's job. Put the arrow almost clean through. Got the artery, it only went another 20 yards. Not a very big buck, weighed 130 lbs, but for me a giant! Got the monkey off my back. I was no longer a bow virgin! The first time is the best time! At the age of 58.

Anyway, this is my first post, and I will keep coming back! I am so glad to hear that Martin Archery is still here and will thrive once again!!

The Bluesman