does anyone have a diagram of how strings should be run on a 2004 jaguar with nitrous cams?

or could post some pics of both sides of the cam as well as top and bottom cams.

i just bought this jaguar last week. and while the draw was far too long for me with the c cams on it, i was still able to draw it back.

so, fast forward to today...

i get my new a cams in the mail, promptly get them installed, and install my strings the way i believe they were supposed to be..

split connects on the outside of the limb on the cam shaft. other end connects to the inside of the cam at the other end.

repeat with the other cable.

string connects to the center of each cam.

connected it all up. set the weight at 55 lbs, and i could not draw it back if my life depended on it.

i felt like the biggest wimp on the plant. literally would not budge.

so, i took it all off, checked everything over again, and reassembled.

now, i have a manual, and it shows some really great string diagrams... for dyna cam and tru arc cams. but no diagram for nitrous cam.

there is however, a photo of a jaguar with nitrous cams, so i did my best to follow that.

tightened it all back up. back the limbs down to 55 again..

and nope, nothing, no way i could possibly draw this back.

now, I'm no he-man, but I am 5'10 and 200 pounds. I work out 5 days a week. i ran a marathon 2 months ago, and the last time i did cable rows, i was at 247.. so, i shouldn't have any problem drawing a 55 pound bow right? WRONG..

that thing would NOT move..

well, it probably wasn't the smartest thing I've done, but i gave it everything i had...

and instead of drawing back..... the cable exploded and ripped my left arm to shreds!!

ok, well, maybe it didn't rip me to shreds, but it slapped it like mad, and put two pretty good welts, and drew blood in three different places.

it's swollen pretty good now. and finally stopped bleeding.

thankfully this was not my new string set. this was my old cables, and dirt darts old string.

but, i'd kind like to make sure the new strings get installed properly so i don't have a repeat of tonight with brand new strings.

i COULD take it to the local shop to have the new set put on... but i REALLY prefer to do things myself. not to mention, at the big box "pro" shop, the "tech" tried to convince me to just buy his used 2003 bowtech pro 40 and told me i should get rid of the jaguar asap because they were garbage. the other local pro shop had little to no clue about martins. when i mentioned that i needed my string off because i was changing cams. he told me that someone was giving me bad info, that i only needed to change mods, not cams. i tried explaining to him that you had to change cams and string, and he said i was wrong. i even showed him the manual, and he said it's just a generic manual, not SPECIFICALLY for the jaguar (even though there is a jaguar in it. and its the original manual that came with the bow) and then, of course he tried to talk me into buying one of their new bows, because the martin wouldn't do me any good since they were just bought out.. wth does that have to do with a quality bow from 2004. smh

so yeah, I'd much rather study, learn, and do this all myself.

if anyone can post a diagram or some photos, i would really appreciate it.

sorry for the rant!