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Thread: string diagram for nitrous cams

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    Quote Originally Posted by naptime View Post
    I'm gonna hold onto hope and see what limbs will run me. I really like this bow, and now that I've got BLOOD, sweat, and TEARS into it, I really feel like it's meant to be mine. lol.

    that, or it's destined to forever be a love hate relationship
    Just hang in there buddy we will help you out best we can from here
    FYI 4x5 is my father. as he said , limb swap with dirtdart , have him strech a tape on his limbs see if they match up using his limbs you should come out at the same weight , may differ a bit due to riser length

    Added note If it comes down to not working out you can get your money out of it as the cams an the HHA are worth what you paid for the package.... but I know its going to work out for youn Martin's are great as the limbs are interchangeable with in the same years.
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    It's all fun an games till you put that big boy on the ground.. now its time to get to work
    Martin cougarIII elite nitrous C cam X system & HHA
    Darton Fury recurve

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