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This is all good to hear...

Out of my own curiosity, I have never heard of or seen a limb deflection number higher than 5...so if 8m gives you around 90# draw, with A cams, you could build a bow for "dangerous game" right?

I kind of wish Martin offered 80# as a limb choice
I have a set of 6H limbs that will give my current project about 90+ lbs of draw weight, I went with 3M limb. 8H would have been over 100lbs. I also have another bow with 10H limb (16" limbs) but it only maxes out at 87. Changing to a Z cam with the 10H limbs would give me bow with about 95+ lbs of draw because they deflect the limbs a bit more on the draw. Changing cams can significantly alter the draw characteristics of a bow as this thread has proven, kind of interesting lesson.