I bought a new 55-70# 2013 Nemesis with Hybrix 3.0 cams and 3mp limbs on it.

I am looking to change the draw weight, and length. I know 1 full turn is a 3lb adjustment for weight, but is it 3lbs/limb equalling 6lbs of overall adjustment after both limbs have been adjusted 1 full turn or is it 3lbs overall after both limbs are adjusted 1 full turn. I could be over thinking this, but I would like to know for sure.

As far as the draw length goes, do I need to loosen the limbs until they are almost off, I know my dl is 28" so that would put me into the 3-hole on the cam module. Once the dl is adjusted, how do I know where the draw stop needs to be?

I have a trophy ridge revolution rest mocked up on the bow, and I see I have no servings on the string, so any ideas on how to attach it would be appreciated.