well, i did NOT give up on my martin jaguar.

but with everything that's going on with it, and still looking at at least a week or two before i can shoot it, i had to get out there and shoot. somehow..

so, I bought ANOTHER bow yesterday!!

it's not a martin, so I dare not say what I got. but it's in great shape, and had all the correct settings for me. 60lb and 27" draw.

it had a trophy taker drop away rest, so i kept that on there. But it had a 4 pin sight that was too cluttered for me, and I only have 20 yards to shoot anyway, so i pulled that off and swapped with the single pin HHA optimizer that's on my martin.

I went into the shop today and had them dial in my length, kisser, and peep sight.

they then spent about an hour with me dialing in the sight, correcting my form and what not.

shot about 20 arrows to get setup at 10 and 20 yards (that's all they have at the indoor. too much snow outside for the longer range)

my last five arrows of the day.... I can live with this for day one. :-)

I was wavering a little because my arm was tired lol

so now, I can take my time getting the martin all worked out, without rushing it, and without being frustrated.

in the meantime, I really like this new bow. EXCEPT.. the jag had that awesome warm, soft, rubber or leather grip.. and this new bow has a cold, hard, aluminum grip.