Hi there! I'm new to the forum and am the proud owner of my first Martin. I'm getting back into archery after having my 3 bows stolen about 20 years ago. Things have really changed!

I purchased a 2013 Jaguar compound with Fury XT cams. It's a limited edition from KM described to me as having the Jaguar riser with new style limbs such as are found on the Onza. (I lovingly call it my Frankenbow)

As I recall, DW is adjustable from 35-60#, DL from 24-31", let off up to 80% and it measures @ 33" ATA.

My draw is about 24.5" and we dropped draw weight down to about 35# until I get my arm back. I'm having trouble setting my draw and let off. We originally took 20# off at the cam and the rest out of the limbs, achieving my short draw but losing all let off. We changed it up a bit, taking 10# off at the cam and the rest out of the limbs. I now have some let off but my draw is now too long. The draw module is at the lowest setting, of course.

It seems to simply be a matter of geometry. Should I order a combination of shorter/longer string/cables? What do you suggest?

Sorry for the lengthy post. I appreciate your input!