I was sitting in the treestand this morning mulling over the above question. In NC we are in the "Urban Archery Deer" Season. It is for participating towns and cities to knock back some of the urban deer. I am within the city limits of Kannapolis, NC on about a 10-15 acre piece of woods bordered my a neighbourhood on one end and a busy street and golf course on the other . It is weird watching joggers jog by at o dark thirty, watching traffic, police cars, kids playing and shrieking, basketballs bouncing somewhere in the distance. Just weird. Yet, the squirrels are still here, the red headed woodpecker still drums the trees, the bluebirds look pretty, just a real study in contrasts.

As far as the deer goes, have not seen one in three partial days of hunting. They are eating the apples and corn I have put out, and there are a couple scrapes, one fairly fresh. So I know they are here. Probably nocturnal.

No matter it is good to be in the woods, no matter if I see one or not. It is also fun watching the guy across the street play with his van, then play with his old time 3 wheeler, then back to the van, and so forth. Hearing the machinery on the golf course. Just kinda different from the farm land I usually hunt.

Urban Deer. Conjures up images of deer in red or blue bandannas!