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Thread: Nitro vs. Fury XT

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    Hey DP, as you know I own an Onza, so obviously I like the Nitro cams. But I've also helped setup and tune several other bows in the last few years; a Silencer with nitros, a Nemesis 35 with nitros, a Bengal Pro with Fury, a Cougar FC with Fury, and a Prowler with a Fury. I really liked them all LOL. But i gotta tell you, the draw of the Nitro 3 cams just seems smoother to me than the Fury.

    The Fury obviously gets bonus points because it is so flexible in its ranges of setup, but the Nitro is also very easy to setup. I played around with my draw length mods and the draw stop on the Onza and was able to find a happy medium of performance and comfort, settling in at about 78% let off. For my short draw this means I don't drop all the way into the valley, but its comfortable to hold and doesn't feel like its gonna take off on me.

    In the end though its a personal preference thing and all we can do is help by giving our impressions... Good luck
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    I'll admit when I had the Alien X, I did like and was pretty surprised with the Hybrix cams. The only downfall to the AX was that I felt a lot of shock in my forearm after shooting for a while and the Bengal at the time was just that amazing. That and I knew I could get some coin out of the AX and I did and that is how I got my XD . I assume the Nitros are pretty much the same if not extremely similar to the hybrix. If I can remember it correctly, the draw of the AX and the Bengal was similar in a way, for the AX it was surprisingly smooth. However I was pulling 68# on that and 63# on the Bengal. Not a ton of difference. I do think there is a difference with the AX and the Method's hybrid cam. Going to definitely be looking at a new Martin whether it is a 2014 or holding out till 2015 ... just a matter of time.
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