OK, something else I just realized to toss in here. Measure the brace height to make usre it's at least 7". 7 1/4" would be even better. Add twists to the string as necessary. When I got my Diabl TD I had to add 45 twists to the string to get 7" brace. A week later it had stretched and I had to add another 15 twists, so you have to check it for a while till it settles in.

Another thing of note. It's been mentioned here and other forums about the serving coming unraveled. I've now seen it first hand at the Great American Outdoor Show this week with one of our demo bows. These strings are not the best of quality and the serving material and workmanship is, well, less than stellar. If serving comes loose then you (or anybody) could just have it reserved at a local shop. Better yet is to just replace it with a good custom job. I replaced the factory Dacron string on my Diablo with one made of trophy material and gained 25 fps, with only 30# limbs.

Right now I've got a new in-the-box Saber and am going to strip and reserve the string before I even install it. Most likely Hutch will be getting an order from me in the very near future for another good custom one. Gotta figure out what weird colors I'd like.