Hey folks new forum for posting. I have a 2010 Cheetah Mag (45-60lb limbs) that the lower limb failed while shooting in a 3-spot tournament competition at a Matthews shop. I shoot indoor 3-spot and 3D and have been very satisfied with my bow. It has never been abused and I am the original owner so I know how it's been handled. I have several calls in with Martin Tech Support and an email but no response...not happy about that. Meanwhile I have a bow I can't shoot and I don't know what, if anything, Martin will do. If I need to get new limbs does anyone know or have a set that will fit a Cheetah Mag? There is a set of Fury limbs on Ebay but I don't know if they will fit. The Ebay item number is 151223895083 if anyone is familiar with the 2 bows.