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Thread: Cheetah Mag lower limb delamination

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    Quote Originally Posted by wscywabbit View Post
    Welcome to the forum! I can understand your frustration, but Martin will get back to you. From what I understand they are trying to work through a backlog of support and they are a little short staffed in that department at the moment. Outside of Martin, I think that Barnesdale would be your next best bet, as previously stated. But I'd wait to see what Martin says first
    wabit's right and so is Bfish. I also had a few limb failures on the power tough series (made by Gordon's). Saying that I had a limb come apart on my Fire Cat 400 and did get a replacement set from Martin but also purchased a set of Barnsdales
    limbs. The FC400 Barnsdale limbs are just a rock. Fast too! They are about 150 a set but you will never worry about Dales's limbs coming apart. Best on the Market.
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