After a little further study, around AT and such, which I should have done before posting, it seems, from what I read, that this is a quite common problem with most all stock cable slides. For such a simple and inexpensive part, though costly should it fail (even Hutch strings aren't inexpensive to needlessly replace) it's rather disheartening. The everyday consumer, like myself (many here I would not classify as 'everyday consumers'), expect, when they spend ... what?... 300 to 800 to... on up in dollars, an item to be complete and ready to use, be it a bow or stove or fridge or whatever. It seems, after laying out the money on any make of bow, the first thing one hears is 'Now, the first thing you need to do is replace that stock string and cable slide. Another hundred dollars should handle it. Then you can start shooting.' Bow companies, large and small, would do well to take note of their failing. And here I just thought I got a bad one; I did, but it almost sounds like about everyone does.
Saunders on the way, thanks to all here. Sure it will work well.... o