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and there in Oregon you about needed a machete ON THE TRAIL!
LOL, I have a machete in a sheath attached to the Kelty pack I wear while hunting, mostly for recovery. Under the old growth is'nt so bad, can actually see around you, but anything hit is going to dive into some nasty bramble, like Brer Rabbit.
Now about those bows...WOW! All 3 beautys! I do wonder how you're going to shoot that new in the bow Blue (Flame ?) 2004 without the arm you had to give up for it? Are you going to add the cable guide rod and set it up that way or add the X mods and go shoot through, like the Cranberry?
On a similar note, I noticed while browsing ebay Recurve listings that the Martin family is selling offsome of the special edition bows that where made for Gail. They're getting quite a few bids, small wonder!