Hey guys I just picked up an Onza XT over on AT from a guy who couldnt decide if he loved the bow or hated . He must of ended up hating it I seen him post it for sale 4 different times started at 450$ and ended up selling it to me for 150$ tmyd . He said he started stripping the paint job on the riser so the riser needs redone and no strings . For 150$ if its all there and working like he said I got a hell of a steal as I plan on sendin the riser to Ultimate Finishers to ger the riser redone in harvest moon . Once I buy strings and kolorfuse this bow I will have less than 350$ in a custom build . So stoked always wanted a Onza Xt and now I have one on the way should be here by monday is what tracking says. I will post pics as the build begins will be putting Bow String Depot strings from Hutch on it. Still deciding string colors to match the Harvest moon and carbon limbs Im thinkin either black and grey or Oarnge and silver with a black pinstripes . What colors do you guys think will go good on this combo. My collection of Martins just keeps growin up to 5 now and more to come in future just dont tell the wife