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Thread: 2013 out!!

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    Default 2013 out!!

    Well 2013 seasons are over and I can't complain I was pretty fortunate! I killed my first ever velvet buck, a late season buck and a thunder chicken! I hope 2014 goes just as well!!

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    Well done!!

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    Good job LB. I got skunked all year. lol
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    good job man , the turkeys kicked my but this year lol.
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    I have been practicing my yelp with the mouth call all week. I am looking forward to 2014 turkey season!!!
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    Well, congrats is indeed in order.... Them bigger chickens, amazing how much punishment they can take. About like deer. Took the gizzard out of one years back and that sucker flew off, but croaked around 50 yards. Hit one so hard it drove him back 10 feet and it still got up and staggered a few yards before dropping. The wife, she decapitated the turkey she shot. Yep, only a tiny piece of skin kept the head attached...well, sort of.
    Former and current Back Yard Champion. I beat myself

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