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Thread: Martin; perfect timing

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    Default Martin; perfect timing

    Sorry if I'm over talkative lately, but thought some of you other wimps might enjoy this story; You regular boys and girls, too, of course!

    I've told Wonder Woman!! several times, that I'd probably never buy another bow; I think I even stated that foolishness on this site, but you all wouldn't hold it against me if I did. She might. I knew from tracking the item would arrive today, but NOO idea what time, and I was going to be out most of the day anyway, so if UPS rang the bell, most likely she'd get the package.

    I get home at three o'clock, need to leave again at three fifteen; Wonder Woman!! is hosing down back porch, out of hearing of door bell. Three ten, door bell rings and UPS drops off my new Martin Xenon. I pack it boldly into my office where it will be safe - she won't enter my office due to health and sanitation concerns, so it's safe there! Three fourteen; I open the porch door to tell her goodbye. Three fifteen; I leave for appointment. THAT is a perfectly timed Martin bow... o
    Anything I may post is in no way meant to besmirch anyone or any entity in any way, so please don't take it, wrongly, as such. Thank You.

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    Lmao. Now if you can keep it long enough before she sees it that she doesn't realise it's
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