Just sitting here tired of watching tv, I got to thinking, something I realy shouldn't be doing right now...lol

Well i got the crazy idea that if i were to put a chew strap on my bow, turn the poundage way down I might be able to still shoot.

LOL what a crazy idea that was. I took a small length of nylon dog leash and tied it on my sting where my finger pulls, grabed an arrow and went out to the back yard.

I nocked up an arrow and grabbed the strap with my back teeth and pushed the bow out in front of me.

Now at this point I got to thinking-okay, just get back to full draw aim and open my mouth.
Well I can tell ya it wasn't all the easy. First of all I didn't think to shorten up the draw or think about how I was going to line up the arrow.

So I get back as far as I can, about 2 inches short of my draw and stood there knowing I wasn't going to be able to just let the bow down and able to see that my arm was going to take an extreamly hard hit from the string.
Well I lift the bite on the string and the arrow heads for the target, about 5 feet away.
Well you know when you have to go to the bathroom real bad and you start doing the pee pee dance?
I think I invented a whole new dance, it is called-I slapped the crap out of my arm shuffle.
I have naver hit my arm that bad before with a bow string.
But as of right now it still hasn't turned color yet but still burns like crazy.
All that and the shock from the release made it feel like my brain was going to fly out my ears.

Oh and I have what is known as TMJ, thats where the joint in the jay pops in and out,
I guess it's not a good idea to try a chew strap if you hame TMJ, now my jaw is killing me and it is locked in the open possion and it's going to hurt like you know what when it pops back in place.
I guess I need to order some movies to watch instead of trying to figure out how to still shoot me bow.