No photos though I could have taken a bunch. It's been going on for about two weeks now or more. Two different fields around us and easily count 20 or more deer nuzzling or digging through the snow to get at something to eat. Some young ones flirting in our yard, 5 and 6 of them. Come right up to the upper dog houses. Crackers, our female lab, has trouble dealing with things that don't run when barks at them. Our two smaller yard mutts back her up...about 10 or 15 feet back

And this morning, our eight inch tall long haired Mexican Chihuahua just has to trip far out in our field to do whatever. 5 deer standing there with ears cocked like; "What the heck is that?" Fearless the little rug rat is. Had the dickens with her when she even smaller, a pup. Took off deer hunting early in the morning and later my wife let her out. The little tyke trailed me all the way to my deer stand.... Racked my brain as a coyote or owl would have took her in a heart beat. She couldn't find me so she went back home and I followed to make sure some critter didn't make a meal out of her.