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Thread: Which Martin for an Old Man with Questionable Shoulders?

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    Default Which Martin for an Old Man with Questionable Shoulders?

    I have a choice of the Pantera, Eclypse or Phantom X4
    I have built up my shoulder on a PSE Chaos 30-40 lbs. It handles 40lb OK
    Which of these Bows should i put more focous on?

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    I have shot the pantera and a Prowler of the two the Pantera with the fury xt cam and the longer 34 ata was smoother and better . the fury xt with a short ata like 30 inch is killer on my shoulder I prefer my nitro cam bows over the fury xt thats just me.
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    Pantera is smooth
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    I would look for a bow with 50lb limbs and turn it down. Not impressed with the Fury cams and trying to turn them down on the peg system. I shoot a 2011-12 Onza with 50lb limbs at 45lbs and it draws like butter. The shorter ata bows are less likely to draw as smooth.

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    Before I could answer I'd have to know what draw length you intend to shoot. Not that it matters a lot, but I'm not a great fan of single cam bows. Between the Nitro (dual) cam and the Fury XT the Fury XT will be smoother at any given draw weight, but it will also be slower. My experience has shown that the Nitro cam will get about the same speed as the XT, but at about 7-8 pounds less draw weight, assuming the same draw length. My advice would be to shoot several of the bows, all set for the same measured draw length and see for yourself which you prefer, but when comparing, if possible, shoot them over a chronograph and set them for the same approximate speed. You might find that the Nitro cammed version seems just as smooth.

    As already mentioned, with any given cam a longer ata bow will feel a bit smoother and will surely be the more accurate to shoot. Also take into consideration that if the draw length is too long then the bow will draw harder so be sure to get at least close to the draw length you should shoot and not 2" too long like many people do. There's certainly nothing wrong with shooting 40# if that's what you can handle well so don't be ordering a 70# bow with the hope that you'll get there some day. As you get older and wiser you'll find that heavy draw weight is not necessary. Make it easy on yourself.
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