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Thread: Best arrows for Jaguar 45lb recurve

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    LOL Im 44 so im not a pup by any stretch,lol. I was looking at cedars buy I would need to buy a jig for fletching and how would I get nocks and heads straight? Im a carpenter so I could probably figure it out but how do you do it? I found them at one site for 2.89 a piece. But I would love to go with cedar. Thanks Elk

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    There's a tapering tool that tapers both ends, 11* for the nock and 5* for the points. Some are simple, other elaborate. If you have a shop and have a sander, you could make a jig and just sand the needed taper on the shaft, Lot of guys do it this way. Here's a page of taper tools avaible at 3Rivers..mine is similar to the 2nd from left, top row. Getting either the nock or the point on straight isn't all that difficult, twist the nock onto the shaft before the glue sets, and the same with the point, twist onto shaft before the ferrel-tite ( hot melt ) glue sets.
    As for shafts, I get mine from Wapiti Archery in Grants Pass, OR, great guy, old logging family. Offers Parallel and tapered shafts, in 2 grades. From $29 a doz to $37 for the Premiums.
    There is also Sagittarius Archery.. haven't purchaced from them as yet, but probably will as they also carry feathers and nocks, Wapiti did, but aren't carrying them right now. They are in Rose City, home of Port Orford cedar... $30 a doz for the premimums.
    Since you're a carpenter, you'll love the smell when you open the box!
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    Ben Pearson 1968 'Cougar' 62" 45#s @ 28" recurve, parallel shaft POC, Zwickey 'Eskimo' 2 blade

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    Here's my arrows for my #50 Jaguar:

    Gold Tip Traditional 35/55
    30 , 3 5 feathers
    145 gr. field point <or> 110 gr. Zwickey Black Diamond Eskilite (with 26 gr. adapter)
    5 gr. rubber point grommet
    15 gr. insert
    8.3 gpp (442 / ~53 lb at my 29" pull)
    FOC = 15.6
    Dynamic Spine = 53.1
    FPS = 198.6
    Rest Position = (- 1/16)
    Total weight = 442 gr.
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