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Jim, I wish I had more money, I would buy a couple more of your bows. I wanted the Bullet X, now I want the Scepter, also the sunset to gold. I want them all!!! But I feel very fortunate to get just one.
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That Sunset to Gold fade is probably one of the best looking target colors avaible back in that era. Really feels strange saying 'back in that era' when it wasn't all that long ago, but I'm sure that the rising cost of the anodising has made those kind of colors a thing of the past, Sure glad I've got my Blue ghost flame Cougar III Elite, even though I've now got to get new arrows, thanks to my new Nitrous Cs. Thanks Jim, We will be doing a group photo shoot of the Elkslayer family's C Nitrous club soon, all 5 of 'em!
That would be a very enjoyable photo...looking forward to it. No wonder Martin was doing good mid 2000's, you guys kept the cam builders busy!