when I bought my arrows, they were marked down at walley world. CE terminators I believe.

problem is, the only had 5 left in the 55-70. and 5 left in the 45-60. and then i still had my 5 blackhawk vapor 65-80. and 5 easton carbon storm 60-75.

notice a trend. 4 different types of arrows, 5 of each.

now that i'm shooting well, and getting great groups. i'm really noticing how different each group flies.

i dialed my bow in, using the terminator 55-70's. and get a nice tight 2-3" group at 20 yards. and a 4-5" group at 38 yards.

matter of fact, i get the same type of grouping with all the arrows. difference being.... the terminator 55-70 will be dead center.
the terminator 45-60 will be about 2" high and 2" right.
the eastons will be about 2" high and 2" left.
and the vapors will be about 2" left and center.

so, no big deal if I only use the 55-70. but then I'm walking back and forth every 5 arrows.

it'd be nice to have a dozen arrows that all fly relatively the same.

that said, I'm looking at these DCA hunters. bare shaft with insert and nock. I have my field points, and I fletch my own now too.

at under 60 bucks, it would seem I can't go wrong..

but.... which ones to choose.


my martin, which has become my bow of choice, is 45-60 and I currently have it at about 55lbs.
my bowtech, which rarely gets used now, and i may or may not keep as a backup, or just sell it, is 60-70 and currently set at 60.

my shafts are 25.5" carbon to carbon.

right now, all i shoot is bag target in the back yard or range. HOPING to get out and shoot some deer, but obviously that isn't until september.