I was reading a post about a Savannah stealth a guy was having Questions on and it .so my question is was my bow built by the old bowyers before martin sold to the new owners here picks of some I've seen for sale on the internet. and here's mine first three shots at 25 yards [URL=http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/bowhunter6979/media/Mobile%20Uploads/0318141335_zpsghxan was left a post on my other trade forum bythe CEO from martin and he said that Join Date: Location: Posts:

Thank you for buying the Savannah Stealth and we designed it at the request of several of our hunters... We got a request to build a version of the Savannah that didn't reflect light off the riser from one of our avid hunters... So we designed a "stealth" version of the Savannah and it snowballed from there to the point that we had so many special requests for it that we added it to the DH line up and it is one of the most popular sellers along with the mamba and the hunter... It shoots great! Thanks again Rich and the I read a post from the leatherwallfourm and this guy says : larryhatfield Private Reply Date: 19-Mar-14

there is no personnel other than one person and possibly a glue-up guy left at martins from the howatt crew. basically, they are cranking out bows, but nobody has any knowledge of how and why they are supposed to be made. that is NOT the bow i designed! So any information would be nice thanks