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Thread: Whats the best storage for Jaguar recurves

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    Default Whats the best storage for Jaguar recurves

    Im not sure weather to leave it strung or to disassemble it all advice welcome.

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    If you have a place to hang the strung bow either from a peg or with the curve of the limbs resting on two horzontally placed pegs ( this is how I store mine ) it will not harm your bow. Most twisted limb result from folks stringing their bows. DO NOT stand your bow, strung or unstrung, on a limb tip. My old Preason Cougar has been strung since I put the new string on it, over a year ago. My bow rack is 2 pieces ov pvc screwed across a couple of rafters in the garage, there is a large platform, or small deck just outside of house enternce to the garage, where I can reach the rafters. When I'm shooting in the gargae, I hang my bow on a peg made of a piece of cut-off Easton Jazz arrow with a 2 1/2" deck screw ran thru it, not snugged down, so that it will turn on the screw. Hope that helps.
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