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Thread: cheetah cam/string problem

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    Default cheetah cam/string problem

    i have a problem if someone has some ideas.. i delaminated a limb a while back now, got new limbs from Martin, installed them and a few hours of practice later my string exploded..anyway, i have a new string now but i have noticed the lower cam is on a lean to the left as you hold the bow ready to fire, then when i draw the bow back the cam really leans out and the string looks like its about to jump off to the right while it bending the crap outta my draw module, not game to fire it a sthis may be the reason the string broke if it jumped the cam... any suggestions on a cause before i strip it back down again?

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    Does your Cheetah have a straight cable guide rod or does the guide rod have a dogleg in it? How much vane clearance are you getting? You'll only need to just clear the vanes, the more the cable guide rod pulls the cables over, the more you're actually twisting the limbs especially on a short AtA bow like the Cheetah. Because of that, you'll never really eliminate cam lean, it's either present at rest or at full draw, best you can do is a compromise. You do know that you can remove the cables and string on a Martin by backing out the limb bolts, if you didn't, now you do. A turn or two at a time top and bottom until the limb bolt shows light through the barrel nut in the riser, you can go as far as mid way through the barrel nut, by then the cabels wiil be slack enough that you will be able to remove them. Disconnect the Y cable from the cam, twist or untwist in the direction that you need the cam to move. Reconnect, re tighten the limb bolts a turn or two at a time until you just bottom out, DON"T crank it down. Thats maxed, adjust to the weight you want to shoot. Your cable should now stay in the module.
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    Add to the above post that if you think you need to tear it down try swapping the limbs from top to bottom and vice versa. See if that helps. Just another reason I detest short bows.
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