I was just thinking about my Slayer I got headed my way, and 300 fps. I got the thought that it would take 1 whole second for the arrow to go 100 yards, if it could maintain that velocity over the whole span. Which it can't. So it must take who knows how long to go a hundred yards. Which means it probably takes most of a second to go half that. Now take that half second, and think about basketball. I was watching the Tarheels lose this weekend, and Roy would have given his left arm to get a half second back at the end of the game. A basketball team can do a lot in half a second. So can a deer. Which brings it all into focus for me, because I only sight my pins up to 40 yards, and will not take a shot past that. Thinking about it that way, even 40 yards is pushing it. So 300 fps is really not that fast when you think about it in terms of deer hunting.