Final update.

4-6 Talked to my club member / non-Martin dealer.
He agreed to handle the warranty exchange.

4-7 He spoke with John. John OK'd the shipment of my new cam.

4-11 Cam arrived in a padded envelope with no charges involved.

4-17 I was finally able to to get over and pick up the cam.
Less than an hour later it was on and firing arrows.

No tweaks or adjustments and I'm right back on target.

Maybe of interest is the finish of the new cam.
Overall better looking.
Machine work is much cleaner.
The anodize finish is smoother and the printing on the cam is sharper with better placement.

Two actual changes of note.
Lettering added alongside the draw stop slot. A through Z for draw stop position reference.
It's a bit busy, certainly better than previous which was nothing.
Different bearings.
The old cam bearings had a standing collar to properly fit the space between the limb tips.
The new bearings are flat faced and use included aluminum spacers.

The Z was down for a couple weeks as expected.
Most of the down time was on my end not Martin.
I'm back up and running like nothing ever happened.

My thanks to everyone involved in saving Martin from extinction & John for keeping CS issues painless.