This post is not meant to disrespect women but I feel like I'm pregnant!!! That's right. I am getting a new bow from MXtuner, and I am so excited. I am getting a flat black slayer. I think 07 model. It is going to have the Nitrous C cams for my ape-like arms. He is going to use the 13" limbs in camo. This will lower the brace height, and at around 55-60 lbs, should be fast. Maybe 325 or more IBO. He got me a Bodoodle Pro-Lite 2 rest. I am ordering a Kwikee Kwiver 3 arrow for it, and having it shipped to him. He is trying to find a sight for me. He is even painting a stabilizer for me so that it will match. I sent him a peep, and I sent him a picture of my string on my Cougar II so that he can get the peep to nock measurement. It is going to be X rigged. I have not bought a new bow since 1981, and I think this one will be exactly what I want. The only thing I will have to do is have the kisser button tied in. I have my previously mentioned new box of Wally World errors (that's how we say arrows in NC). I think I am going to go with the rage mechanical broadheads for hunting per Jim's recommendation. I know I am going to love this bow when it is delivered as much as I love my Cougar II. Gestation is almost complete.

I tell you what Gents, you better get you one of these slayers before they are gone, because when their gone, their gone. Jim is the best, he really knows his Slayers, that's for sure! I can tell that each bow he puts together is a labor of love. I love that man!!! My new BFF for sure.

My old Cougar II, might not see much action next year, but I will always love it. Come on Slayer, I can't wait!!!!