I have read through the charts to find the correct length of the Cables and String for a Scepter 3 with 16" 60# straight limbs,
And Z Cams. 29" DL
Seems in the charts scepter 3 didn't come with 16" straight limbs and Z cams, thats thrown me a bit.
The bow has strings on it but there is no info on the limb sticker.
I will be removing the strings to make new ones as these are shot, maybe stretched and need replacing.

If someone knows or can work out the correct lengths String & Cables it would be a great help.
Or even a link to the correct info would help.
I would like to make the first string first time bang on if I can.

Looks and feels like this scepter3 might shoot better than my Razor-X, mmmmmm maybe?
Love the Razor-X, Elite limbs, Nitrous B, nails everything out to 90m, best finger bow around IMO that I have shot.
Scepter3 16" limbs Nitrous or fury cams must melt the flights off,,,,Z cams will have to do for now.

Any thoughts on what's the best combo for this scepter3 your thoughts.