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Thread: Martin Shooting Staff?

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    Does anybody know how to get on the Martin Shooting Staff I am verry Interested if anyone knows or any Martin Staff people see this reply and tell me all about it. I have an ArcheryTalk account it is Bengal '07. Or e-mail me at

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    Best place to find out is from the horses mouth. Call cusomer serice and ask for whoever handles staff shooters. I believe it is Jake, but things change in that house.

    Presently Martin has three levels of shooters:

    Bronze----coop shooters that shoot for a shop
    Bronze----regional who shoot for a sales rep
    Gold------The big Boys

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    Being a staff shooter. If you have to ask then you likely aren't there yet. Go win a few national level shoots and you will be showered with praise and toys. Find out about M4L, look into what is going on with them on ArcheryTalk, check into a few major shoots, and most importantly have fun.

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