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Outfitting the family? Or one of those four?
No I am placing my intial order as a new dealer. I looked at several of the "smaller" bow compaines as I only wanted one brand but needed something in the price range for that average hunter. I looked at New breed, HCA, Quest, Ross and a few others. I found that Martin was very friendly and the staff was great to deal with. I have shot Martins in the past but shyed away the 6 years or so and have since shot Hoyt, PSE, Matthews.

Well I have opened a small shop and found myself intrigued with the "relaunch" of Martin and decided they were the company I needed to be with.

So I am placing my intial order tonight and am going back and forth of which bows to get with small cams and which with large cams. As we know, it doesnt matter which one I order the customer will always need the opposite.