The "Man in Black" arrived today!! What a great looking bow. I have not shot it yet, will do tomorrow. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Jim AKA MXTuner1 did a wonderful job.

The old Cougar II, was the King in its day, 33 years ago. He was the King in my house, until today. "The Man in Black" is the new Boss in this house.

For the particulars: 55 lbs, 13in limbs, Bodoodle rest, little 3 arrow Kwikee Kwiver, Limbsaver 5 pin plus 1 sight. Went with the Wally World "Speed Freak" arrows, with Rage 100 grain broadheads.

Can't wait to get it dialed in with my arrows and get to the turkey woods with it. Think I will use the old Wasp cam-lock broadheads for the turkeys. This bow is the &%(*!

Jim, Thank you so much, I am glad you decided to give up part of your cache to us. I have a Martin classic!!!! The "Man in Black"

I will keep y'all updated with the first shots tomorrow.