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    Default Bare shaft trial tuning indevor

    Ran into a problem. Don't know what I have, bow or me... I see this whip of the arrow ever so often. Paper checked, no stupid stuff. If I'm perfect, it shoots perfect, sometimes... Bow is timed to death, checked to death, new limbs, new strings and still something not quite right. I have a artificial wrist/socket bone in my bow hand...Maybe?

    This is a trial thing. I do and I report. Underlined is my instructor...

    Stage 1;
    Decided to try another tune method, bare shaft tuning. I'm in contact with one of the better bare shaft tuners; "See where you're at." So I follow his procedure. I paper tune to get a bare shaft to a bullet hole. ??? Whoa!!!! Arrow rest is way right, measured .137" to the inside. "Now set arrow rest to factory spec." I do. Fastest way, do the parallel arrow check. So I tape a arrow to the riser. Holy Hell! The nocked arrow and taped to the riser arrow almost hit at the point ends. So I adjust for parallel and arrive at the factory spec of 15/16". So I shoot through paper and rip, .easily .700" with a bare shaft and a fletched looks worse. "Don't go by paper tear." And I usually don't.

    Stage 2;
    "Shoot from up close back to 15 to 20 yards." Fletched arrows are way left, as I thought they would be. The bare shaft is pretty much dead level for height. "This is good." Bare shaft impact from 15 yards is right at 1" right of the fletched arrows and actually is nock left - not straight in the bale. "Without offset guide rod or yokes, this might be as good as you get. "You may have to adjust thumb pressure to correct for straightness. Send me pictures." So I do.

    Within the trial/bare shaft procedure; Reset the arrow rest to give a bullet hole with the bare shaft. And then I test. Lord!!! The bare shaft almost impacts sideways and really don't know why it didn't break. I try more shots with same results. No joking, the arrow is less than 45 degrees back to the bale!!! So back to arrow rest set to factory spec...

    Okay, arrows are so far left I have to reset the scope in my Sure Loc sight frame. I sight in from 15 yards. I test up close, 9 feet and I'm dead on the vertical leveled line I have on my bale. I slip over to my long practice bag target, 50 yards. I shoot three 3 shot groups and I'm not really all that bad....

    Awaiting inspection of my pictures.... Took the day off today. I have shot my butt off trying to figure out why things aren't what they should be. Day before yesterday, shooting, changing arrow rests, changing rest positions, doing the bare shaft thing and yesterday doing the bare shaft thing...

    Damages; 4 or 5 busted pin nocks, 3 vanes ripped off...

    Here's results so far.... 50 yards and shooting into the sun wasn't easy....
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