Finally went in to setup my Alien Z today and ran into a snag. Hoping the Rytera guru's will have the answer. Here's the problem. With the sight bottomed out where it should be for 10 yards, I'm hitting 12-14" low at 13 yards.

As you can see the adjustment is at mid point (which is 45 yards on my other bow). This is where it is at 13 yards, yes 13 yards. I can't move the aperture down any lower. My rest is perfect but could be raised a bit but not enough to make up the difference. We moved the peep up until the sight was bottomed out as it should be at 10-15 yards and it was very uncomfortable and awkward as all get out to shoot and none of my anchor points there.

I have a 4" extension that would help a little but not enough. I have this sight on my Ridge Hunter and Genny's Cougar FC and they both adjust out from 10-70 yards. I measured the distance from the rest mount to the sight mount on all three. The Ridge Hunter & FC are 2 1/2" and the Alien is 2 5/8". Any ideas? I'm sure there are Alien Z shooters that use the HHA single pins.