I'm a new member here (and have the same username on AT) just looking for some advice on 2014 Martin Bows. I've owned a few in the past and with the recent comeback in the company, I may be looking to getting another in the future.

Also, sorry for the ridiculously long post. And thanks for taking the time to read it, those that do.

A little about myself - I shot archery as a teenager (11-15 y/o), mostly backyard champion and some small 3D tournaments, and got out of the game for a while. Got back into hunting the last few years and in Arizona, archery is huge, particularly because of how the hunting system works with lottery tags and such. I still do some 3D tournaments, backyard champion, and a little indoor 3 and 5 spot. I've owned bows from various companies and always welcome innovation to try, if it works for me. I'm not brand loyal.

I've had various compounds, (in this order too) an unknown '90s PSE target bow, ('94?) PSE Spirit, ('97?) Darton Excel, '08 Martin MOAB, '10 Darton 3500 Pro, '07 Martin Slayer NOS-X, '13 PSE DNA, '13 PSE Phenom, and '10 Bowtech Destroyer 350. I've shot some others that I enjoyed... Hoyts, Mathews, etc. but never officially owned.

My dilemma: I can never find the "perfect" bow. There's always something significantly wrong about one that bugs me to the point of selling it. Please help me.

So I'm going to break this down, list wise, the pros and cons (for how they fit me) of my recent bows, and maybe someone can help me find what I'm looking for. I want something that does everything... I hunt spot-and-stalk in southern Arizona, which involves a lot of hiking in mountains, glassing up deer w/binos, and moving in for the kill. I use a back quiver (Bowmate Elite) because I don't like a lot of weight on my bow.

'08 Martin MOAB (going off memory here)
I sold this bow because I moved... regretted it later
very smooth draw cycle
good overall mass weight
very solid wall (single limb stop)
decent grip
low vibes... nice VEM stuff on the shelf, riser modules
fairly quiet
fairly generous valley w/o sacrificing too much speed

I can really only remember one: cheap finish

'10 Darton 3500 Pro (going off memory here)
I sold this bow because it did not particularly fit me
pretty fast
good grip
wallet friendly
not real difficult to tune
solid wall
accurate for a 33 5/8" ATA IMO

finish was mediocre
a little loud on the shot
moderately short valley
a little on the heavy side but not overkill

'07 Martin Slayer w/NOS-X
Mainly sold this bow because I couldn't get used to the grip
EXTREMELY accurate
VERY easy to tune (no bow press needed on X system)
decent finish

poor grip - too wide
very loud, ideal for competition, not hunting
a little on the heavy side but not overkill

70# was too much, I hurt my shoulder and was forced to sell the bow
crazy stupid fast
excellent grip
decent draw cycle
fairly solid wall (w/Bomar stops)
VERY light mass weight
outstanding finish... I love the anodized PSE risers
low vibes

hurt my wallet
VERY short valley
somewhat difficult to tune
accuracy was below average, I could not float the pins well, even with good stabs
draw length modules constantly come loose - yes, I used blue Loctite, still had me worried

'13 PSE Phenom
I still own this bow, and is usually my go-to bow
absolute sleeper, money saver
VERY accurate as well, maybe more so than I was with the Slayer
target quality bow but still can take it hunting
again, anodized riser finish = winning
still fast for a long ATA bow (329 IBO)
smooth draw cycle
fairly solid wall (w/Bomar stops)
again, love the PSE grips
low vibes

short valley, not as bad as DNA though
a little on the hefty side when fully equipped
somewhat difficult to tune
draw length modules constantly come loose - yes, I use blue Loctite, still has me worried

'10 Bowtech Destroyer 350
I bought this as a project bow, something different to try, and yes I knew what I was getting into before hand
ODB cams are very articulate and can be fine tuned for us OCD folk
crazy stupid fast
fairly solid wall, no complaints there
InVelvet finish is nice
low vibes
mass weight is tolerable, a little heavy but not Phenom/Slayer heavy

no warranty - bought it used
again with disliking the grip - factory grip too thick, removed it, riser is too thin
suffers from the infamous flaking limbs (I may refinish these myself w/Duracoat later)
draw cycle is harsh but tolerable at 60#
moderate valley... has a huge hump before so feels odd
replacement parts from Bowtech no longer available

So to sum it up, this is what I'm particularly interested in and :
Minimum 33" ATA, max 38", smooth draw cycle (no huge humps like the Bowtech), under 4# mass weight, 60# draw weight peak (MAYBE 65# on a smooth draw cycle), fits my 26.5" - 27" DL, easy to FINE tune, has a grip angle/width similar to PSEs, accurate, low vibrations, won't destroy my wallet ($700-800 is about my overall peak on a bare bow), and with my short draw can reach around 260-270 fps with moderate weight arrows (350gr arrows for a 60# bow).

One thing I do NOT care about is factory strings... sorry, I have yet to see anything worthy in this category and have always replaced with a custom set. But hey, surprise me if you can! Right now my favorite blend is Brownell Rhino cables/Fury string. Not picky on colors... I like black bows and don't mind the blacked-out look on EVERYTHING.

The two bows from Martin I am particularly interested in at the moment are the Nemesis Nitro and the Lithium. I really like the bridged riser design... I just wonder if I should wait for the 2015 line-up.

Am I being picky? Sorry. I do have a little OCD but I love to tinker with things and archery is more of a hobby for me.

Well anyways, thanks in advance for any advice. Hope to learn from this board as much as I've learned from AT.