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Thread: Vacation is over

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    Default Vacation is over

    Well I go back to work on Monday.
    I have gotten real use to not working the last 2 months.

    I have been going out to the range on Tuesdays and Thursdays and meeting up with some good friends that are retired, we walk the range and soot the 28 valley targets.
    They have 14 animal and 14 field targets set out, so we shoot an official NFAA round twice a week.
    Target 27 is a 65 yarder and that is always a one arrow closest to the spot for a buck.
    After we do the dollar shoot we go back and shoot our 4 arrows at it for score.

    After we get done shooting we kick back at a picnic table in the shade and Dave one of the guys passes out caned ice tea and we BS for awhile. We are finished most times about noon, we start shooting about 9:00am.
    Well today was the last day I can do the dollar target and the last chance the guys had to win their dollars back (I have been getting em good).

    When we were at about target 19 I readjusted my rest up just a tad because I was hitting lower than I was aiming, and only shot at targets that were no further than 45 yards before we got to the money target.
    Most times when we shoot this target we just line up side by side and shoot, this time each person took a turn shooting one at a time, the guys told me I had to shoot last.

    Well Harry was up first and he hit at about 11 o'clock in the 3 ring, next up was Fred and he hit 9 o'clock center of the 4 ring, then old Dave and he hit about 8 o'clock 2" out of the spot, everyone started saying oh oh looks like Dave has it so far.
    Then young Dave steps up and lets fly, he gets a jar licker at about 4 o'clock on the spot.
    Everyone starts yelling and saying it looks like Dave is getting the dollars today and laughing.

    Okay now mind you, I had moved my rest and hadn't shot a long shot so I had to guess at my gap for this 65 yard target.
    So I step up and come back to full draw, take aim and slow my breathing down and focus on the spot. I relax the muscles in my arm and let the string slid off my fingers and watch the arrow disappear down range.
    I lost sight of it as it dropped back down into the target and I didn't hear it hit.

    Young Dave was watching through his binos and said he didn't see it.
    That was weird, oh we walk up to the target and what we see is my arrow right in the "X".
    We all could not believe it, but it was dead center.

    Everyone had a great laugh and the dollars were handed over...LOL
    I sure am going to miss shooting with my buds.
    The guy are from left to right...Old Dave, Me, Fred, Young Dave, Harry and in the second pic. that is Jim on the right.
    I am the top dollar winner for this target. Young Dave shoots Barebow and the others shoot with sights and a release and I shot all but today with my chew tab....hee hee.
    IMG_1892 - Copy.jpgIMG_1894 - Copy.jpgIMG_1895 - Copy.jpgIMG_1896 - Copy.jpg
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    Yep sounds like the party is over Don. But just until the weekend

    I bet you'll be glad to get back to work though, time off is nice but can get to be a drag after a while and the cure for the devil's idle hands is work

    Great shot by the way!
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    Now, Don, that's where I'm used to seeing your Gator vanes/Deer Crossing arrows!! From your 'signature' I'd read up on both long ago. Next time I need arrows; Deer Crossing they'll be, but putting those trick Gator vanes on my arrows would be like putting a silver enhanced parade saddle on a pig; still wouldn't go where you wanted him to, no matter how good he looked. lol Mr. Rangel, I think, has a great idea there, which you and other shooters seem to prove! Interesting read on Gator vane site; click on link in Don's 'signature'.
    Best to all... o

    oh, oh P.S.!! I like your other idea too; hang around really old guys so you look like a kid again!! lolol JK !!
    Anything I may post is in no way meant to besmirch anyone or any entity in any way, so please don't take it, wrongly, as such. Thank You.

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    Bout time you got back to work!!!! lol!

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    Great shooting wonder where all the money for those cams come from!
    Addicted to Slayers or Slayr's, have more than one. Probably enjoy the mechanical side of archery the best. I have really enjoyed the articles and the stories on this site. I strive to help others with what little knowledge I have.

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    I'd like to be that accurate!LOL Excellent shot Don!

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    Pure "x"....

    that is a ten bucks shot.

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