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Thread: Posted here, but really 3D practice

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    Default Posted here, but really 3D practice

    Wife out touring the Back Yard Sales I decided to "mow de lawn" and squeeze in some 3D practice. Miserable weather continues. Last week the furnace would fire up early in the morning and the air conditioner wanting equal time. Lord!

    And of the course the grass just has grow about a foot a day...seems like anyway. So the wife says; "No archery until you mow that jungle." I don't get my wife one bit Like dang it, I just sharpened her machete so she could hack her way to the mail box. Probably would have went better if I hadn't told her that

    Soon as she's gone I get out my bow and gas up the lawn tractor. Picnic table in the shade and my 25 yard marker, I take my first shot, dead X on the NFAA 20 yard indoor target. Good enough and I start mowing. Got the sides of our drive mowed, 75 yards, 2 passes on each side and a little pocket with a Walnut tree in the center that's always been kind of nice.

    Another 25 yard shot, but at a old 3D center, 12 time. Me feel good and get to mowing again. Front yard of our garage - you come in our drive and the front of the garage is where you park. And I layout the orchard/practice area, only about 30 wide and 100 yards long.

    Another 25 yards, but 2 shots. Jerked the first shot for a left 4, came back with the second shot just above the X ring. Not real happy, but okay... and more mowing.

    A little more mowing, not much, and fling a couple shots from 30 yards for a 10 and 12 on the 3D centers.

    I gots a big yard counting the walk paths and all...about 1 1/2 acres. So broken down there's enough to get in 10 to 12 shots. So, weeded the wife's roses, not my job. Thinned out and hacked out Mulberry trees trying to come up in her Rose of Sharon, not my job.

    So all said and done with the lawn I fired first 1 arrow from 35 yards. Took a break (me needed it) and the dogs wanted some pettin'. I stop and they are, all lined all. Crackers, the lab, can't close enough to you. Clair climbs up on the picnic table and hangs over my shoulder. And little Missy, timid, slips in under the seat of the picnic table for her secret petting. "Enough!" and the dogs know to depart. I get in 2 more shots from 35 yards. I check my score sheet and see I need 2 more to have 15 shots. The 5 shots from 35 yards; 10, 8, 12, and 2 10s. Roll up the NFAA scores to give a ASA scoring situation and add up the regular ASA scores. So I come up with a 168/180 and double up for 336/360. Ain't bad, but could have been better. But standing out is, most all my shots were 1 shot at a time, just like 3D.

    And having issues for the past few days, I found I was the problem (). One, you don't rush. You let the pin slow down so it seems almost stopped. Two, you have to relax. Three, the biggie for me, you have just draw to the wall, not crush into the wall. Now, limb stops aren't the best for using a hinge. You get into wall hard and there's no give so you can get back tension to go in motion. With a thumb release, you get hard into the wall and you get a scatter gun pattern...Well, not a scatter gun pattern, but it amplifies error and torque to give some rotten results.

    Cams are different. Martin Cat Cams, call them what you want, but they are still Cat Cams. My Shadowcats rolled over, dropped quick, like falling off a cliff, and into the draw stop and where some bounce the arrow off the arrow rest. My Pearson MarXman with Legend Cams is almost similar, faster, but the cams roll over and down the valley wall into the draw stops. In other words, valley wall, no valley, just the draw stop. You ease up and you have a wanting runaway bow. At 80% letoff the MarXman gets the arrow off like a rocket. So I ease into the wall, hold to it, but that's all. All in place, here and the above paragraph, and my thumb release goes off so sweet and smooth it's like you don't even think.

    Practiced, I can get my hinges to behave somewhat.... As in going off and having the arrow to have the same impact 20 and 25 yards... I've read so many articles about hinges, probably a 1000, and to this day, as much as I've practiced with one, I still fear them and won't use them in competition. Padgett in AT gives of staying with a hinge and feels all the better for it. The great Randy Ulmer once penned; "You want to get good with a hinge, then put aside all your other releases in a drawer and forget them." Glad he didn't say throw them away

    Ahhh! I did some trading a couple of weeks ago and got one of my Stanislawski Deuces back, a two finger hinge. Hopped out the car and headin' for my bow before the car door closed. At home my MarXman is at the ready and grab some arrows from the hip quiver. Stepped up the 20 yard line and drilled 3 Xs right in a row. A little slow in firing, but a tweak of the adjustment screw will take care of that.
    Okay, hinges are generally all the same as for quality and getting the job done, but Stanislawski's adjustment screw for the sear is awesome - using a allen wrench the tiniest of adjustment can be made. If I never have a hinge with a moon it'll be too soon.....
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    Sonny I'm loving your chore list... and that homebrew 3D course! Sounds like you had a good day overall; got some shooting in, and got the honey do list done for a happy wife. Can't argue with that at all
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