Walla Walla, WA - May 5, 2014: Martin Archery announced today that Richard Batdorf, owner of Xtreme Archery, has joined the Martin Archery research and design team as Director of R&D. Richard spent nearly 20 years in the industry with Xtreme Archery, Winchester Archery, Ben Pearson Archery, and Newberry Bows as Design Engineer and Director of Research & Development.

He has served as a patent advisor, CNC programmer, and has designed both compound bows along with crossbows for over 20 years. He has developed some of the best cam designs in the industry. He currently owns the 2 Track Cam Patent "US #8220446". Along with patents he has a great track record of decreasing warranty issues at his previous organizations.

Bob Peck, Director of Sales & Marketing at Diversitec commented, "After 20+ years in the archery industry one fully understands just how small the industry is. Reputation is everything and Richard has a great reputation for innovation and engineering skills. As a holder of multiple patents and a long list of accomplishments it is a pleasure to serve with Richard and watch his designs go from drawing board to prototype to in-the-field."

Richard is excited to be a part of one of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the industry. He plans to take Martin Archery to the next level in Design and Research. Martin Archery has some great designs and patents that he will be able to take to the next level. He is excited about the platform he has to build from to help Martin Archery become the leader in Design & Research.

In his new role as Design Engineer, Richard will lead the design team to create the best line-up that Martin Archery has ever seen. Richard is a great addition to the impressive management team that has been recently put into place to revitalize the company with innovation, delivery, and performance.

"I am extremely excited to announce the hiring of Richard. After speaking with several candidates, I felt confident that Richard was not only the best in terms of design but also the best fit for Martin. He brings a passion for archery, a history of excellence and a fresh perspective to Martin," said Lance Irving, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

Rich Weatherford, Martin Archery's CEO, commented, "We are looking forward to having Richard lead the execution of our compound bows to the next level. He has a great reputation of technical innovations and patent designs that will lead the charge for our 2015 release."
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