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Thread: Will it stack up?

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    Default Will it stack up?

    After many years of shooting compounds, I'm seriously thinking about going back to shooting traditional bows. I've been eyeing the Martin Viper. It's longer than most longbows ( I think it's 66") and I'm looking at this particular model because of my rather long draw length. I'm a 32" draw length and want to shoot around 55 lbs. @ 32". However, all the bows are specific weights at specifically 28" or 29" draw lengths. My question is... can I safely shoot like a 40# @ 28" which would probably wind up around 52 lbs. to 55 lbs. at my draw length of 32"?

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    I think you are on the right track. You should look for a longer length bow to reduce finger pinch and also reduce stacking at your longer draw length.

    You can order a bow from Martin with your specific requirements, ie: 50# @ 32". I'm not sure if they will go to 32", but I would give them a call. A Venom or Vision may also be good choices.

    Good luck!

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