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Thread: Hard to Find 2012 Scepter V for sale

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    Default Hard to Find 2012 Scepter V for sale

    Hard to find, smooth shooting 2012 Martin Scepter 5 target bow for sale. I looked for months to find one only to discover that I cannot shoot it with split fingers. The cable guard makes it a tight squeeze to wrap your fingers around the string. You could shoot it in a target situation with split fingers, but in a hunting situation you don't want to take the time to squeeze your fingers in place. It is designed for a release shooter. However, I saw a champion archer shoot the Scepter 5 using three fingers below without a problem. (which placed his fingers below the guard) I love the way the bow shoots but I am a pure hunter and a stubborn finger shooter and will have to stick with my Scepter 2. Offered to Martin loyalists before I put it on eBay. For pictures, click on this dropbox link, then on the pix you want.

    2012 Martin Scepter v Pro
    Fast but smooth 325+ FPS
    draw weight 45-60#
    draw length 27 - 30" (adjust w/o bow press!)
    nitro 1.5 cams
    80% let off (adjustable)
    weight 4.4 pounds
    Forgiving 7 brace ht
    Forgiving 40 axle to axle
    brand-new stage I strings and cables
    Black, carbon fiber matte finish pattern
    $400 firm, insured, shipped to your door, PayPal

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    I have a Septer V and I don't see why it would be a problem shooting it split fingers.
    Is your cable slide rod set so the dogleg is up or down?
    If it is down just rotate it to the up position and you should be good to go.
    Mine is rotated up.
    The Septer V is an awesome finger bow, almost as good as the Shadowcat it replaced.
    Septer 5 pics 007.jpg
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    I Shoot a 2012-SepterV and a 2011-Shadowcat
    I shoot Bowhunter, not barebow--fingers non-sights.
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