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Thread: PSE Razorback Recurve or Martin Jaguar Take Down Bow?

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    Default PSE Razorback Recurve or Martin Jaguar Take Down Bow?

    Would you suggest a PSE Razorback Recurve or a Martin Jaguar Take Down Bow for a 13 year old's birthday? Any other recommendations under $150 would be good. Thanks!

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    Any of the main brands are good bows, the one thing you need to do is go to a local shop or one of the
    big stores like Bass Pro, Cabela's or Gander and have them shoot a few and see how much weight they can shoot.
    You need to be sure you purchase the correct poundage so they can control the and enjoy shooting. Bow like the
    Martin Take Downs allow you to change the limbs so you can start off lighter and always build up as you progress.

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    The Samick Sage is another bow to concider, about $130. As FishingandHuntingUSA has said make sure that the youngster can handle the draw weight, if it's too much work for them to shoot, they won't enjoy shooting, and that is the the key to a young archer.Without know any more than you've mentioned, I recomend 25# or so, stronger limbs are avaible at a later date.
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    I can only agree with both suggestions. I spend a lot of time coaching these days. There is a 4H group that frequents my club and I try to help them, but it's very frustrating. For whatever reason most of their recurves are 40# Sages or OMP's and it's just way too much draw weight for them to handle. The frustrating part for me is trying to teach them basic fundamentals about form when they have to struggle with a bow. It's not as much fun for them and it's not fun for me.

    Something else to consider is the length of the bow. I'm not familiar with the PSE, but generally speaking a longer recurve will draw smoother with less stacking for a given weight and will shoot an arrow faster.

    Personally, I got a recurve last year, a Diablo TD, and ordered it with 30# limbs. Having not shot traditional or fingers for 38 years this thing was a pleasure to learn on. I recently moved up to 35# limbs and don't see myself going any higher. I also Relearned that traditional is meant for short range. I toss a few arrows out to 30 yards once in a while, but 20 yards or less is my norm. Archery becomes more fun as you learn to hit your intended target with some consistency.
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