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Thread: Judging Yardage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonny Thomas View Post
    Shoot with me, Barry, I usually tell the yardage within half a yard to those in my group......They never believe me

    Having a sight frame where I can dial in to the yard, I have my sight set so I'm 1/2" to 1" high. Most all 3D targets you can shoot high and still get a high 10 or 8. Miss low and that 5 line is a real possibility.
    I hear ya, and most people are more likely to drop their bow arm than push the shot high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    Some of us are blessed with the ability to judge closely, at least out to a certain point. Mine happens to be about 35 yards. Being a senior I'm not required to shoot farther at most local shoots. Sometimes 40 but mostly 35. I can usually be within 2 yards out to 35, which should put me in the ten ring somewhere, if I execute the shot well and aim where I' should. Isn't always the case with a good case of target panic.

    That being said I can stand behind the stake a couple yards and still get it right. Step up to the stake and learn to trust your first judgement. I find that when I miss I'm usually low. That being said I usually add about 2 yards to my original guess.
    I wish I only had to shoot those yardages.
    From 0-35 yards the tip of my arrow is touching the bottom line of the target to hit the 10 ring...
    I think I am going to get a life membership to the IBO so I can shoot the last shoot of the year and try and win it.
    I hear if I get the life membership I will not have to shoot any qualifiers.
    30 yards max for my class....yeah boy !!!!
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    You could also head north to Newman, Ca. next April.
    The Orestimba Field Archers will be hosting both the West Coast Traditional Championship & the Central California IBO Open.
    You could shoot either or both events.


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