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Thread: Damon Howatt Super-D

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    Default Damon Howatt Super-D

    Just picked up a Super-D 60# right hand, problem is the draw. What is the string length.
    I'm sure this is long at 55" thyis can't be right. I'm a lefty and shoot a Bear Super Kodiak
    and it pulls a lot more at stack up.

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    Craig V. Morgan

    Default no longer unregistered

    I'm legal now but question is the same also the serial Number is
    ESD 3714 so It's mostly likely a late Super-D. There are some
    disturbing marks on the limbs that look like cracks (maybe)
    going thru the riser and up and down the limbs, really didn't
    see them until I waxed the limbs. A problem I don't know I have
    never heard of the limbs cracking thru the riser, maybe just deep
    Thanks for any and help.

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