For Sale; Package deal. One Cooper Johns ANTS Evolution 2, silver, 8 1/2" extension bar. Has black long scope block and short silver scope block. Copper John Maxxis 1.625" scope housing with .019" and .029" up pins. No lens or lens retention rings. Cooper John Maxxis 1.375" scope housing with. .010" and .029 up pin. No lens. Has both lens retention rings and 3 spares. Also, 2 packages of .029" fiber optic, red and green. All $225.00 TYD.

Older 550 Sure Loc sight frame with 3rd axis block and 9" extension bar, black. Includes two Boss all carbon scope housings (super light), 1.75" has lenses but not real good, one passable - .029" hole for fiber optic. Box and papers. I bought it new. $135.00 TYD.

Both sight frames have been sitting around for a couple years collecting dust. Got the Cooper John 2 out today and sighted in. .019" pin is super bright with just one wrap around the scope house (made that way). It is stiff. Bit of oil should slick things up.

Super Peep Clarifiers, three 1/8", yellow, green and red. $20.00 for all. TYD.

Bohning pin nocks, 13 to a bag, $4.00 per bag, 14 bags. Have to check on colors. Forgot I had them....

Prefer U.S. Postal Money Orders.