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Thread: More shooters needed

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    Default More shooters needed

    Once again I backed into a first place finish. This time it was the Indiana Field Archery Association championship field shoot.

    We need more people to get involved in field archery, its a great sport and a nice change from the usual 3d routine.

    I don't mind winning, but its kinda of hollow when nobody else shows up in your class.

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    I hear ya, Chuck. This past weekend there were 43 shooters show up for the Illinois Archery Association State Championship. I watched, shoulder and arm still sore. Field archery is a challenge, but nice size targets and all known yardage make for a wonderful event. I had a newbie contact me and got him to the Championship. Fixed pins and nailed a 504 his first time shooting. Now, 504 and a possible 560 seems low, but 500 is well regarded. It takes a certified score sheet and $5.00 sent to NFAA headquarters to get a 500 Club patch. Me got one!
    CL, the newbie, had more problems with the Bunny Round than with 80 yards! I telled him before he shot that them litter critters were mean Sadly, he dropped his release and burred the jaw and at the last target cut his d-loop. No matter, he is charged up and looking for his next Field event.

    Some people are interested, but not knowing yardages and targets. Each lane is marked for yardage, no guessing.
    Asked many times, I made up a list for Field and Hunter. Field is a white and black circle target and Hunter is a black target with a white bull's eye. Both are scored 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Within each are Fans. Fans shots fired from the same distance, but from a different station, 2 and 4 stations. Hey, no big deal here. 2 shots from on station at the same target, move to next station and fire 2 more shots at another target. 4 stations run the same way.
    And the bull's eyes. Once you get to shooting, using the correct size per distance, they look pretty big. I actually got mad if I missed the 80 yard 5.18" bull's eye.

    Distance ------------------- diameter of bull's eye.
    35,30,25, and 20 feet ------ 1.57" - Bunny Round, 1 shot per distance.
    15 to 30 yards -------------- 2.75"
    40 to 50 yards -------------- 3.93"
    55 to 65 --------------------- 5.18"
    30 to 45 yards - multiple --- 3.93"
    80,70,60,50 yard Walk up -- 5.18 - one shot per distance.

    Hunter; Odd yardage
    11 yards ----------------------------- 1.57"
    14,15,17,19,20,23,28,32 yards ---- 2.75"
    36,40,41,44,48,53 yards ----------- 3.93"
    Multiple stage
    45,48,53,58 yards ------------------ 5.18"
    52,55,59,64 yards ------------------ 5.18"
    58,61,65,70 yards (70 Walk Up) -- 5.18" - 1 shot per distance.
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    I enjoy shooting 3D, every once in a while. I'm a field archer, 28 targets, 112 arrows, now thats a day at the range, keep trying to better last score. Every once in a while, we will shoot 14 field, 14 hunter, and 14 animal targets ( 2D ) but those are long days..42 targets from 7 yds to 80 yds. Guess I'm old school, I prefer to shoot all those arrows with a recurve.
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